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Rocky Horror Experience
January 11 - 11:30pm | State-Wayne


Rocky Horror Experience
January 25 - 11:30pm | State-Wayne


Limited Seating Available

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VIRGIN - In the common world, this usually refers to a person who has not engaged in sexual relations. In the Rocky Horror world, this word refers to the many unfortunate people who have never experienced The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a theatre with an audience. Seeing it on home video (Blu-ray, DVD, VHS, Netflix Instant, etc.) or on TV doesn't count!

Dr. Frank-N-Furter - A ScientistRocky Horror is the first and only true audience partici-(SAY IT!)-pation movie. People yell back lines at the screen during the extended pauses between dialogue, dress up in costume and act out the film, and throw props various times during the film. And by the way, for the "gore sensitive", Rocky Horror is NOT a horror film. It is a rock-musical send-up of old science-fiction and horror films.

First, the only thing you really need to bring your first time out in order to have fun is a sense of humor, and money for admission (and food at the nearest 24-hour diner afterwards). Of course, being surrounded by 10-15 of your friends is also a good thing. You should dress in whatever makes YOU feel comfortable, but also does not violate any local standards - so nudity is prohibited (by law).

We will have prop bags available for $4 at the concession stand, so you don't have to worry about your newspaper getting wet on the way. If you really want to bring props, the best ones to bring are rice, toast (unbuttered), toilet paper, newspaper, and a deck of cards. Watch everyone else to figure out when to bring out these items.

We hope to see you there!!!