December 10th & 11th

Phoenix Theatres Woodland Mall

Star Trek The Motion Picture
Star Trek The Motion Picture
Star Trek The Motion Picture

A Weekend Long Dedication Featuring the Works and Vision of Filmmaker Douglas Trumbull

Phoenix Theatres at Woodland is proud to announce the Douglas Trumbull Film Forum II, a weekend long dedication featuring the works from the film director and cinematic visionary’s entire career, including the exclusive showing in the Midwest of the meticulously restored and remastered Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition in 4K picture and Dolby ATMOS.

Robert Wise’s Director’s Cut of the 1979 film was meticulously restored this year by producer David C. Fein together with post-production supervisor Mike Matessino and visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman with the latest technology available to develop the most immersive version ever presented theatrically, which includes Douglas Trumbull’s most spectacular visual effects work. The 2022 Director’s Edition is a stunning film, demonstrating to fans and filmmakers alike how modern film making tools can transform a film into a new experience. This is a unique opportunity not only for fans of the original 1979 version, but a chance to introduce the film to the next generation of fans.

Attendees will have the chance to enjoy a robust lineup of science fiction classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Silent Running and a special 43rd Anniversary presentation of Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition in 4K digital & Dolby ATMOS.

In Memory of Douglas Trumbull

Daren R. Dochterman | VFX Supervisor

Filmmakers Discussion

David C. Fein, Daren R. Dochterman and other special guests will be on hand throughout the weekend to discuss the SFX techniques that went into creating some of the most ground-breaking and revolutionary sci-fi films.

David C. Fein | Producer

Listen as they explain the intricate process of painstakenly going frame by frame to develop the remastered edition of Star Trek - The Motion Picture Director's Edition. Learn from the masters first hand as they guide you through their journey and share their creative experience.

Those interested in delving deeper into the filmmaking process can experience the unique opportunity of talking directly with the filmmakers as they present Star Trek broken in to 3 acts, answering audience questions in real time between each act during the showing of the film.

Scheduled Films

Discussion Panels

Come an experience the unique opportunity to talk directly with SFX experts before the viewing of the your favorite movie. All panel discussion will be located in the same auditorum and there will be 30 to 60 minutes between each available panel. Join in on one of the discussion or really treat yourself and do all of them. Space is limted reserve your seat today before it's too late.

  • Saturday, December 10


    30 minute conversation, Q&A with the audience then a screening of the film.


    30 minute conversation, Q&A with the audience then a screening of the film.

    STAR TREK: The Motion Picture (DIRECTOR'S EDITION)

    60 minute conversation, Q&A with the audience, a screening of the film and finally an encore presentation of UFOTOG filmed using MAGI technology.

  • Sunday, December 11

    STAR TREK: The Motion Picture

    The discussion will take after each three key acts of the film. After the completion of the act the film will be paused and a live discussion will take place.


    30 minute conversation, Q&A with the audience then a screening of the film.

Master Class

A Free pre-recorded Master Class lecture given by the late Douglas Trumbull himself, where he discusses his philosophies on filmmaking and the role of visual effects. Afterward, guests will have a unique chance to experience UFOTOG, a short film by Douglas Trumbull that utilizes his MAGI photographic and projection technology.

  • The Future of Cinema w/ Doug Trumbull feat UFOTOG

    Saturday, December 10
    Sunday, December 11

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What is MAGI?

Simply put, MAGI is the most immersive and realistic cinematic filming process. The technology utilizes high frame rates and a unique cadence of left and right eye images to better emulate human vision- the result is a drastically more immersive experience for the audience through the reduction of motion blur especially in action sequences and we believe this could be the next step in the technology behind filmmaking.







Experience UFOTOG

UFOTOG is a featurette written and directed by Douglas Trumbull designed to showcase the MAGI process from start to finish. It creatively demonstrates a variety of different angles, compositions and pans all created with Trumbull's MAGI technology at the center of production. UFOTOG was shot on a combined laboratory/stage/studio, with 120fps 4K 3D live action being staged inside virtual environments.

According to a Trumbull Studios press release, UFOTOG "explores a new cinematic language that invites the audience to experience a powerful sense of immersion." We invite you to personally experience UFOTOG running every half-hour during the Trumbull Film Forum because it's truly something you have to see to believe.

Douglas Trumbull Film Forum II

December 10th - 11th
Phoenix Theatres Woodland Mall
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